Middle East unrest: Guardian interactive timeline

Posted on March 30, 2011 by



For those who may have lost track of protests in the Middle East, The Guardian have come up with a handy interactive timeline of Arab and Middle East unrest.

An interactive timeline of Middle East protests from guardian.co.uk

Choose a date and scroll over the pins for a concise pop-out story of a particular event, with a link to a longer news story for those who want more information.

It’s a shining example of how useful infographics are when they work well. Particularly for this type of rolling news story – made up of a series of events taking place over time, in different countries. The graphic not only gives users the vital information on a particular date, but puts events in context across time and geography, showing how one action in Tunisia caused a wave of unrest across the Middle East.

We have one criticism though – if you could click one country at a time this would give users the added choice of following one country up close. Particularly as the strips separating each country are quite thin, and at times difficult to separate. This would also be useful in Libya, for example, where a lot of events took place over a short period of time.