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Covering the cuts protest: You don’t need an expensive camera to take great photos

March 30, 2011


By BEN WHITELAW This is one of the fantastic shots taken by journalism student Seb Wheeler at Saturday’s cuts protests in London. Seb, a photographer and reporter for news site East London Lines, spoke to seeing stories about  the importance of using tools you know well, even if they don’t cost the earth. Amateur journalists […]

VISUALISED: George Osborne’s 2010 and 2011 Budget speeches

March 26, 2011


BY BEN WHITELAW 2010 Budget speech – 24th March 2010 2011 Budget speech – 23 March 2011 Above are George Osborne’s two Budget speeches as Chancellor visualised into as word cloud generator on Many Eyes, showing the words used most frequently. The results could not be more astonishing. As you can see, the 2010 speech […]

Japan’s earthquake tragedy: the best and worst infographics

March 19, 2011


BY BEN WHITELAW The news coverage of Japanese earthquake, and especially the first hand video of the resulting tsunami, has been extremely tough to watch for the sheer scale of the disaster. But the magnitude of the earthquake and the subsequent economic issues have led many media companies to turn to infographic and visualised data […]

Hacks and Hackers London: data visualisation

February 24, 2011


BY BEN WHITELAW AND JENNY STEVENS Seeing Stories went along to Hacks and Hackers on Wednesday night (23rd February) to hear about the way big media visualises data. A particular highlight was a talk from Scott-Fraser Byrne of the BBC data visualisation team about the development of infographics in relation to audience need. Some live […]

Those in the know: David White from photofilm producers Duckrabbit

February 23, 2011


By BEN WHITELAW “What other ways are there to tell a story” is a question that’s been keeping us up late at night here at Seeing Stories. Are your coneventional audio/ video/ photo slideshow packages that we find on websites the world over the only way of narrating a tale? With that in mind, our […]

Those in the know: founder of Innovative Interactivity Tracy Boyer

January 26, 2011


By BEN WHITELAW In our second ‘Those in the know’ post, we chat to Tracy Boyer, founder and managing editor of Innovative Interactivity, which quite brilliantly markets itself as “a digital watering hole for multimedia enthusiasts”. TRACY BOYER 1) What would you say is the role of multimedia storytelling in the media? Where does data […]

Top five free websites for visualising data

January 6, 2011


By BEN WHITELAW Data visualisation is in vogue. New organisations are beginning to use large sets of data to tell stories and journalists are subsequently being told to to learn to turn numbers into something more meaningful. But, if you’re new to data and have no experience of visualising it, how is best to start […]